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Sponsorship Opportunities for The 20th Annual Sacramento Arts Festival

The 20th Annual Sacramento Arts Festival returns to the Sacramento Convention Center November 3-4-5, 2017. Here, some 10,000 enthusiastic attendees will share in a weekend of handcrafted art and entertainment.

The Sacramento Arts Festival has become the premier art and craft show in the Central Valley and has developed into one of the top art festivals in the country. It features over 225 of America's best contemporary craftspeople and fine artists offering more than 15,000 original works. Strolling through the festival, attendees will see a vast selection of extraordinary art including ceramics, clothing, decorative fiber works, furniture, glass, gourd art, jewelry, leather, metalwork, paper, stone, woodworks, drawings, oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, sculpture, photography and two and three dimensional mixed media.

Visitors can shop for one-of-a-kind items for themselves, their homes or holiday and seasonal gifts. Attendees also have the opportunity to interact with artists who can share their creative passion and knowledge and will often demonstrate their talents on site.

In addition to the exceptional visual art, the festival features continuous live Main Stage jazz and blues entertainment. Attendees are also treated to Restaurant Row where they can find edibles from restaurants representing different international cuisines.

Every year, we survey our audience continually over the three show days. Here are a few of the 2016 results: Our customers had a great impression of the festival, 99% were either highly satisfied or had a favorable opinion. The number one complement was the great diversity of fine art and contemporary crafts. As to how many times attendees had visited the festival, 34% stated this was their first year at the event, while the 66% of repeat customers had attended an average 5.7 times previously. The average attendee spent $192 at the festival, which signifies we're drawing enthusiastic buying customers. This year we will conduct a deeper demographic profile of our attendees through a specially-designed questionnaire.

The Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver and the Sacramento Arts Festival in Sacramento are both the premier annual art events in their respective communities. Cherry Creek surveyed their attendees last year and found that the profile of an average customer had an annual household income of $100,000+, is highly educated, a homeowner and is most appreciative and receptive to the sponsors of the festival. We feel we will get similar results in our demographic survey, especially since ours is a paid admission event and the Cherry Creek Arts Festival is free to the public.

As Presenting Sponsor or Featured Sponsor of the festival you will enjoy a premium profile with this desirable market. Not only can you connect with our attendees (and exhibiting artists) on a direct person-to-person level, but also can take advantage of the thousands and thousands of persons who visit our website or experience our extensive marketing campaign. You will also have the platform to create meaningful leverage activities, cementing your relationship with these consumers.

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." --Pablo Picasso


Dates and Times

Set Up: Thursday November 2      Noon-9 PM
  Friday November 3 7 AM-9 AM
Show: Friday November 3 10 AM-6 PM
  Saturday November 4 10 AM-6 PM
  Sunday November 5 10 AM-5 PM

Take Down:   

Sunday November 5 5 PM-10 PM
Marketing Plan
Based on our market research, we have created a marketing plan that will generate interest in and drive attendance to the festival. Our total advertising and publicity budget is $40,000+.

Print Advertising
  • We will advertise extensively in the Sacramento Bee including eight large full- color ads up to full pages over the 3-week span leading to the festival.

  • Full page and quarter page full-color ads in the Sacramento News & Review

  • Crocker Art Museum Art Auction Catalog ad. We also distribute our postcards to museum members. We have worked closely with the Crocker for 20 years supporting their programs, sharing our exhibitor list for their annual holiday show, and giving them exhibit space in the festival.

  • Other newspapers and magazines as opportunities become available

  • 20,000 postcards distributed to our festival artists to give out at other Sacramento area events at which they're exhibiting and send to their mailing lists.

  • Television & Radio Advertising
  • We'll work to trade VIP Passes to the festival for television and radio announcements. (We have done this successfully in past years on several different stations.)

  • Online Advertising
  • We'll buy up to a million impressions on the Sacramento Bee's sacbee.com

  • Contests on the Sacramento Bee's BeeBuzzPoints.com and the BeeBuzzPoints Facebook and Twitter channels (in trade for a Bee booth at the festival and festival tickets)

  • We'll secure listings and buy email blasts with Event Crazy, WhoFish, Sacramento 365 and other online event services.

  • Our 2017 exhibiting artists and craftspeople will receive a digital postcard from us that they can send out to their customers

  • Customer Database
  • We'll mail out 20,000+ postcard invites to Sacramento Arts Festival past customers three weeks before the festival. These 6" x 9" cards will include a $1- off-admission discount coupon plus an offer to redeem the card at the festival for a free festival shopping bag.

  • We'll employ our 12,000+ past customers email list to send periodic email newsletters leading up to the festival with features on our spectacular artists and contemporary craftspeople. c3 Communication, described below, will help develop and implement these newsletters. We'll also email ads to our past customers for the four weeks before the festival.

    We have a year-round website: www.sacartsfest.com It includes a wide variety of information about the festival. Especially visited in the months prior to the show, is the Exhibitor Gallery, which includes an image of work, booth number and website for each of the show's artists and contemporary craftspeople.

    Social Media
    We have engaged the services of c3 Communications, one of America's top public relations agencies, (www.c3publicrelations.com). Joice Truban Curry and Sean Curry, principals of the agency, will personally conduct our publicity campaign, including social media, TV and radio, Internet and print.
  • C3 Communications will engage intensely with our 16,000+ Facebook “likes” for the three months leading up to the festival. (facebook.com/sacramentoartsfestival)

  • Joice and Sean will also conduct a three-month Facebook ad campaign which will drive traffic to the festival website and to the festival itself.

  • They will employ Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google in meaningful ways.

  • Publicity Campaign
    Draft/distribute/pitch a long-lead calendar release plus feature press releases.
  • Post calendar on high-traffic event sites.
  • Pitch for stories in area print and online publications.
  • Coordinate media interviews with the festival artists and craftspeople.
  • Pitch/secure live morning show live shots.
  • Pitch/secure live in studio broadcast interview opportunities and Pitch radio coverage and live interviews.
  • Invite media to attend the festival.
  • Draft/distribute/pitch media alerts for day-of coverage at the show
  • Explore community partnerships and on-site events to garner media coverage.

  • Sacramento Arts Festival Partnership Options

    As the exclusive Presenting Sponsor of the 20th Annual Festival

    Prior to the Festival

    Input from the Presenting Sponsor into the email newsletters to our customers

    Input from the Presenting Sponsor into our Facebook page

    Offer Discount Coupons at your local branches or stores at one-half the regular price instead of the $1 off coupons we offer in our advertising and on our website. These can be offered to your present customers and drive new people to your branches or stores through our advertising and publicity.

    We want all of your Sacramento-Area employees to feel included and would like to offer them VIP passes to the festival.

    Presence at the Festival

    As the Presenting Sponsor, we're offering you dedicated exhibit space where you can interact with our attendees. This would be in a highly visible area built into the booths on our floor plan or in our entertainment & restaurant area. In this exhibit area you, for examples, could hold contests, have attendees vote on their favorite artists and/or publicize a purchase award from one of the festival artists that will then be displayed at your headquarters or one of your outlets.

    We think this will help bond you better with your own customers who are attending the festival, many who may bring more of their business to you rather than your competitors. And, of course, it gives the Presenting Sponsor a splendid opportunity to introduce itself to new customers.

    Another idea is to host a "Meet the Artists" reception either Friday or Saturday night to your invited customers or staff along with a general invite to all of our artists and craftspeople.


    As the Presenting Sponsor of the Sacramento Arts Festival you'll receive a comprehensive package of benefits:


    Presenting Sponsor recognition in all of our advertising including all ads in the area's newspapers and magazines, Internet advertising, postcard, flier and poster advertising, television and radio promotions and marketing.

    Social Media

    We'll include exclusive content from the Presenting Sponsor on our Facebook page.

    Festival Publicity

    The Presenting Sponsor will be highlighted in all of our publicity

    Festival Website

    The Presenting Sponsor will be highlighted on our home page with a link to your website (or other location designated by you)

    Festival Program

    A full page Presenting Sponsor ad in the program or an insert into the program

    Presenting Sponsor on Signage & Banners

    In the Sacramento Convention Center lobby in front of the festival entrance

    Attendee Surveys

    We will also offer the Presenting Sponsor input questions and access to our attendee surveys.

    Presenting Sponsor Investment
  • $15,000 cash

  • As a Featured Sponsor

    If you wish a less active participation level, we propose that you become a Featured Sponsor of the 2017 Sacramento Arts Festival. With this you would receive a comprehensive package of benefits including:


    Logo presence as a Featured Sponsor in all of our forthcoming advertising including all ads we purchase in the area's newspapers and magazines, our Internet advertising, plus our postcard invites and email newsletters to Sacramento Arts Festival past customers.

    Social Media

    We'll include content from you on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sacramentoartsfestival).

    Festival Publicity

    You will be named as a Featured Sponsor in our publicity

    Festival Website

    You will have logo presence as a Featured Sponsor on our home page (www.sacartsfest.com) with a link to your website (or other location designated by you)

    Discount Coupons

    You will have the opportunity to offer our Discount Coupons at your Sacramento-area branches or stores. These can be offered to your present customers and drive new people to your branches or stores through our advertising and publicity.

    Festival Passes

    We want all of your Sacramento-Area employees to feel included and would like to offer them VIP passes to the festival.

    Festival Program

    Logo presence as a Featured Sponsor in our 2017 program.

    Signage & Banners

    In the Sacramento Convention Center lobby in front of the festival entrance Attendee Surveys We will also offer you input questions and access to our attendee surveys.

    Featured Sponsor Investment
  • $2,500 cash

  • Contact
    Warren Cook, producer