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Regular admission to the festival is $8 per adult, but purchased in a group of 20 or more, it's only $5 each. And you do not need to attend as a group. All you have to do is let us know how many group tickets you think you'll need and we'll immediately send them to you. Then you can just send us a check-or charge on MasterCard or Visa-for the number of tickets you use (and return any tickets you can't use.) We can also send you discount cards in a holder that allows adults $1 off the regular price when presented at the box office. Simply use the enclosed form or phone or e-mail us with the information.

For more information please call us at the number below. See you at the Festival!


Please send me _____ group tickets for the 2018 Sacramento Arts Festival, October 26, 27, 28

We'll pay you for the tickets we sell and return any unused ones.

Please send me ______ Sacramento Arts Festival discount cards, good for $1 per adult off regular admission.

Name of Business or Organization _____________________________________
Name of Contact Person _____________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________
City ________________________________ State ________ Zip _________
Telephone Number(s) ____________________________e-mail _______________

Please send this to the address below, or fax to the number below. (Or you can call or e-mail us with the information.)


American Art Festivals
PO Box 726
Ventura, CA 93002
Phone: 805-667-9290 Fax: 844-272-2796
E-mail: info@americanartfestivals.com

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