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The Sacramento Convention Center is easily accessible by transit, using Sacramento Regional Transit's (RT) services. Their buses have several lines running on both the J Street and L Street sides of our Complex, with stops just steps away from our front doors. If you prefer their Light Rail transit, the Cathedral Stop is just three short blocks west of our K Street entrance. If you're traveling to the Convention Center by Greyhound, the 7th and L Street station is seven blocks west of our K St. Mall entrance.

Regional Transit
Public Transportation: Regional Transit "Destination Guide" http://iportal.sacrt.com/WebApps/DestGuideBook/DestGuide.asp

Greyhound Bus Terminal
Seventh and L streets
Sacramento 95814

Sacramento has a long history with the railroad, from serving as the home to the "Big Four" (Collis Huntington, Leland Stanford, Charles Crocker and Mark Hopkins) to our proud standing as site of the California State Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento. Two grand 20th-century depots plus a third, reconstructed 19th-century station, still stand in the city. Among these, the Amtrak (former Southern Pacific) station is currently used for the successful San Jose-Oakland-Sacramento Capitol Corridor trains. Located approximately a mile northwest of the Convention Center Complex, the depot is a convenient first or last stop in your visit to Sacramento when traveling the rails.

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