Exhibitor Info

Key Information

New Exhibitor Application Deadline: JUNE 30, 2021. Notification will be sent by July 5, 2021. YOU MAY STILL APPLY AFTER JUNE 30, AS WORK WILL BE JURIED CONTINUALLY AFTER THIS DATE IN MEDIA CATEGORIES THAT ARE STILL OPEN.

You may print out the application on this site and mail it to American Art Festivals, PO Box 726 Ventura, CA 93002 or fax it to 844-272-2796 or scan and email it to info@americanartfestivals.com with no jury or application fee. Or you may jury through ZAPP at www.zapplication.org Jurying through ZAPP is free and our application fee there is only $10.

Cost: $675 per 10’ x 10’ booths, $835 per 10’ deep x 15’ (wide) booths

Sacramento Two Booth Special: Your second booth space per one exhibitor is discounted by one half: $320 extra for an 10' x 10' ($995 total for an 10' x 20' space), Corner booths are $100 additional. Booths other than standard sizes are proportionally priced. Included in your cost are 500 watts of electricity per booth, backdrop drape, and 24-hour security. There is no commission on sales.

Booth Placements: We will attempt to place you as near as possible to your choices, while als distributing works in the same categories throughout the festival. Please indicate your choices on the application.